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Relax, enjoy, taste the coffee that speaks for you

The smell and extravegent taste of coffee. It’s a treat of energy and awakens every muscle in the body. The feeling of a warm cup of coffee relaxes the body, mind and soul. It’s NATURAL and EARTHY.

The day at AGAPE begins and ends with coffee. Whether you are looking for a quick pick-me up coffee or a place to simply sit and relax, you will find our staff Friendly and Supportive.

AGAPE also serve gourmet style cheesecake that brings out the richness and elegence of our Italian style coffee.

Our philosophy is to create a relaxing, cozy, and inspiring atmosphere that generates laughter and brings people together.

AGAPÉ (pronounced "A-ga-pay") means ‘Unconditional Love’ in Greek, the same of love and friendliness you will find over here among the staff and our regular guests.